This colloquium aims to shed light on the phenomenon of the diffusion of Asian culture in the European context, in particular on four axes of interrogation: the production of cultural goods; the political competition in the global arena for cultural hegemony; glocalization, i.e., the adaptation of production to local contexts; and reception by consumers.



The conference is co-organised by the Global Research Institute of Paris (Université de Paris) and the Department of Studies, Forecasting and Statistics (Ministry of Culture). It will be held on 14-16 of December 2022 in Paris.


Venue for the colloquium

Amphithéâtre Buffon - Université de Paris, 15 Rue Hélène Brion, 75013 Paris


How to submit a proposal

Proposals for papers -in French or English- must be submitted on the conference website:

Proposals should be no more than 250 words in length and should indicate the theoretical framework, the data used, and the axis(es) in which the proposal fits.

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-March 31, 2022: submission of the proposals

-May 2, 2022: selection of the proposals and feedback to the attendees

-December 14-16, 2022: conference in Paris





This international colloquium is the first scientific event to be organized in France on this subject, and aims to investigate this globalization of culture that comes from East Asia from 4 perspectives:


a) the production of cultural goods (within the framework of cultural capitalism);

b) the political competition in the global arena for cultural hegemony (through the use of soft power);

c) glocalization, i.e. the adaptation of production to local contexts (through the work of intermediaries);

d) and reception (by consumers who have become omnivorous, global or cosmopolitan).

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